It is no secret that hiring a freelancer is beneficial for a company. Whether it is a website designer or an software developer, you should consider hiring a freelancer. It would save you money, time and you would get to hire an experienced professional for the job. With hundreds and thousands of freelance professionals to choose from, you are unlikely to run out of options. Also, you can have freelance professionals fight with their bids to win your contract. You can sit back and choose the best software developer for your needs.


Given the advantages of hiring a freelance software developer, you have to consider if you would hire someone who is based in London perhaps or you would go with anyone who satiates your requisites regardless of where they are based. You can hire someone based in another part of the world but there are benefits of a locally sourced freelancer. Let us explore these benefits of a locally sourced freelancer to iterate the significance.

  • A freelance software developer based in London, for example, will understand the significance of bespoke solutions for local sites. Someone who has lived and worked in the city, having dealt with clients based here will know what kind of customisations companies need. As a business, you wouldn’t have to explain the need and utility of bespoke business software. That bridge would already be in place simply because of the exposure the freelance professional has in the field.
  • Being in the same city allows companies to interact with the freelancer software developer in real time. One can have face to face meetings. If you hire someone who works when you sleep, you would have to wait for hours and often a day before you get a response to your emails. Telephone or Skype calls would be difficult, real-time chats may not be possible and when there is a lot of stuff that needs immediate attention, the lack of real-time correspondence can seriously impair the development.
  • One of the financial benefits of a locally sourced freelancer is the absence of mailing costs. You may have to send a traditional mail or the freelancer may have to send a few emails, which could be anything from contracts to some material items that must be exchanged. These mailing costs will have to be borne by you. Hiring an developer based in London will do away with these costs. At the most, the costs would be reasonable.

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