ASP.NET Consultant Services

Microsoft .NET has for over a decade been a great internet and web development strategy. One of the strongest advantages of .NET is that it will run your business web applications on any web browser and that fact that it is built on modern web standards makes it very stable. If you are looking for a robust system integration between your product with other technologies and tools, then .NET technology is the solution you need. Runtime Applications, Base Class Libraries, Common Language and modern development frameworks encompass the .NET framework.

Real Code Ltd Microsoft .NET consultant services use the power of the latest .NET framework version to provide seamless communications between integrations, and ensure an aesthetic responsive user experience. With our expertise, you will find that your applications are built and tested with reduced development time. Our professional .ASP.NET consulting solutions provide an extensive list of services to help you meet all your requirements in one convenient place.

Our development experts will ensure you have a bug free application, ready for business use. We support all our customers to ensure satisfaction.
Professional software development is a skill that a modern organization cannot do without; reach us for the best in class software, custom-made for your business needs.

Web applications can make or break your systems; our services will help you get the best performance and value from your infrastructure allowing you to intelligently gather data securely.

Interactive, fast, and stable websites are a necessity in today’s technology empowered world. At Real Code Ltd, we will help you develop a website that is just perfect from all perspectives. High speed is required for search engine positioning, ease of use is required for customer engagement.

Our consulting affords your business the opportunity to expose your data in a controlled manner for integration with your business partners. Web services are essential for communication between applications.

ASP.NET Development

ASP .NET development involves the responsibility of creating a complete solution that is designed to be flexible to the ever changing business environment as your company evolves. The solution should also be usable, and have an appealing interface. Our professional ASP.NET consultants consider aspects such as data transformation, role based access to critical data, backup and recovery solutions, application logging and auditing, and much more while developing a solution.

We are experts in the ASP.NET MVC framework stack that allows us to build scalable, standards-based web applications using well-established design patterns and the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework.

Outsource .NET consulting services to Real Code Ltd and utilise the expertise of engineers who have all the necessary training and experience in software development consulting.

London .NET Software Development

More often than not, off the shelf software applications are not an ideal match for your business either being a part of an overall solution or an overpriced licenced piece of software that can tie your business down. Your business needs a professionally tailored solution to fit your requirements which can be expanded upon in the future as your business requires. We deliver high performance, bespoke software to help you increase the efficiency of your systems.

Why choose Real Code Ltd?

Our in-house expert staff enable us to deliver a broad range of services with higher efficiency and reduced billable hours than most firms. We provide the necessary industry knowledge through our .net consulting, technical skills required to deliver custom applications in time. When your solutions are developed right, outsourcing .NET consulting services will prove to be much more cost effective than in-house development.

Professional .NET consulting services, at Real Code Ltd present two approaches for project delivery:

  • Full Cycle Application Development, where we take complete responsibility for Analysis, Implementation, Design, Testing, Development and Integration of systems
  • The other method is where our experts align with your IT personnel to work on various solutions

Contact us to know about our complete range of ASP.NET development solutions. Our .Net consultants will be glad to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can .NET run on Linux?

Yes, using .NET on non-Windows platforms means that developers have access to ASP.NET 5, the CoreCLR. The .NET Core runtime has realized the vision of being truly cross-platform with its arrival on Linux and Mac OS X.

Are .NET websites reliable?

Websites are as reliable as the technology and people building them, both software and hardware combined with networking. Microsoft .NET is a very mature platform for web site development and is both fast and secure.

Why .NET core is better

.NET Core is Cross-Platform
.NET Core is Open Source
Mature Framework and Widely Used Programming Languages
.NET Core Supports a Wide Range of Application Types
Increased Security with .NET Core
.NET Core Enables Top App Performance
.NET Core Enables Flexibility
.NET Core is Cost Effective
.NET Core has a Large Community
.NET Core was Created by Microsoft

Are .NET and C# the same thing?

.NET is a framework. It includes a common language runtime (code from different languages can get compiled into IL, much like Java’s bytecode), a set of class libraries, and ASP.NET. You can optionally download an SDK that includes a set of tools — at least two compilers, an IL assembler, an IL disassembler, a strong name key generator, and likely several others that aren’t coming to mind right now. (Microsoft.NET is the same thing, but is kind of a 1-off name. If you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, just call it .NET.)

C# is a language that you can use to write code for the .NET framework. (C#.NET is the same thing. See previous note.)